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Composer Title Year Collection XML Edit Copy Rename Delete Notes
[Carl Nielsen] Incipit Demo Demo 10
Carl Nielsen Erindringens Sø 1895–1896 Demo 5
Carl Nielsen Hilsen 1895–1896 Demo 9
Carl Nielsen Hjemvee (multiple versions) 1914–1915 Demo 3
Carl Nielsen I Aften 1895–1896 Demo 8
Carl Nielsen Maskarade 1905 Demo 1
Carl Nielsen Sang bag Ploven (score included) 1895–1896 Demo 7
Carl Nielsen Seks sange til tekster af Ludvig Holstein 1895–1896 Demo 4–9
Carl Nielsen Sommersang 1895–1896 Demo 6
Carl Nielsen Æbleblomst 1895–1896 Demo 4
Emilie Mayer Mayer Test_Symphony 1845–1847 EMW
Niels W. Gade Comala (demonstrates advanced source descriptions) 1845–1846 Demo 2
Peter Peters Test