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[Carl Nielsen]

Incipit Demo

Demo 10

This file illustrates various ways of including incipits. Incipits are defined at the editor's 'Music' tab.
Incipits encoded in MEI or Plaine And Easie Code are rendered in MerMEId with Verovio . Please note that Internet Explorer requires version 10 or newer for this to work.
The incipits in this sample file show the beginning of Carl Nielsen's Romance for Violin and Piano, CNW 60 .

Please note: The content of this file has been modified for demonstration purposes and does not represent accurate real-world data

1. Incipit encoded in MEI:

As MerMEId does not include a music notation editor, incipits encoded in MEI cannot be entered or edited directly in MerMEId. You can add MEI incipits, however, by uploading MEI files containing the encodings. When uploading an MEI file, MerMEId makes a copy of the first 'score' element it encounters (whether in the file's header or in the 'music' section) and inserts it as an incipit. If you need to make changes to the incipit, edit your MEI file and upload it again using MerMEId's 'Replace' button.

2. Incipit entered as Plaine and Easie code:

Plaine and Easie Code can be entered directly at the 'Music' tab for rendering with Verovio in the HTML preview. If single-staff, single-voice incipits without any slurs, dynamics, articulation or lyrics is all you need, this is probably the most efficient way of adding incipits. Enter 'plaineAndEasie' or simply 'pae' in the code language field to have MerMEId/Verovio recognize the code correctly.

3. Link to an image file:

You can create graphic files (png, jpg or other) using your favorite music editing software and use MerMEId to create a link to the files. Just remember that the images must be accessible on the Internet in order to be visible for others (that is, they must be placed on a publicly accessible web server). If images are provided in both low and high resolutions, MerMEId will make the low resolution image clickable and display the high resolution image in a pop-up window.


File title:

Incipit Demo

File publication:

Danish Centre for Music Editing (DCM)


Editor: Axel Geertinger

For demonstration purposes only

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