MerMEId basics

MerMEId (Metadata Editor and Repository for MEI data) is a tool for editing, (pre-)viewing and handling of music metadata based on MEI.

The user interface has three main components: the MEI file browser, the metadata editing tool, and the HTML preview.

Document list

The usual way to start working with MerMEId would be to open the document list, usually located at http://[your hostname here]/modules/list_files.xq. You should then see a list of existing documents in your collection (if any):

Creating a new document: To create a new document, click the add button New file located in the upper right corner. This will open a new document in the metadata editor.

Listing existing documents: Near the top of the documents list page, a number of controls allow you to you choose which documents to list. A select box lets you filter documents by collection, provided you have specified file collection information in your files. You may also narrow the results using the keywords search.

Navigate through the result pages using the page numbers or the 'Previous page' / 'Next page' links.

From the list, you have the following options:

The editor – general functionality and navigation

The editor (i.e. the forms for editing your data) is divided into a number of separate forms. You navigate through the main parts of it by clicking the tabs at the top of the page:


Some general functions are found in the upper right corner of the form:

Save Save file
HTML HTML preview
XML XML source view
Home Close the editor end return to document list
Settings Settings
Help Open this manual

Next to repeatable fields you will find a number of icons for adding, deleting and re-arranging items:

Up Move up (change order of items)
Down Move down
Copy Duplicate item (adds a copy of the current item)
Add Add new item below the current one
Delete Delete
Right arrow Shift this item to the right, making it a sub-component (child) of the item above (applies to music components only)
Left arrow Shift this item to the left, i.e. up one level (applies to music components only)
Edit Edit this item (opens a details editor)
Go to link Go to a linked resource (implies closing the current file and opening a different one for editing)
Edit Add reference to an authority file (applies to personal names)

Hints: Next to many input fields you will find a question mark  ?Hint or explanation. Hovering over the question mark displays a hint, an explanation or other useful information.

HTML Preview

The purpose of the HTML preview is to give you an overview of the (meta-)data you have entered. Your project may or may not use it as a basis for public display of your data as well, but probably this is not how your data will be displayed in the end.

HTML preview

If titles or other texts are given in more than one language, all other alternatives than the first one are shown in grey. To hide these alternative language texts, click the "Hide alternative languages" link in the upper right corner.

By default, only the headings of the main sections are shown. To view the contents, click the the expand icon expand or the heading. To hide the contents, click the heading again. The number of headings shown depends on which sections have any content.

At the bottom of the page, in grey, metadata about the file are displayed (i.e. the colophon).