Using external sources – linking to and copying from sources in other files

Referring to source descriptions in other files

A source shared by a number of files does not have to be described in each file, duplicating the information about it. Instead, the source description in one file may be retrieved by other files.

Using an external source

In the above example, the works X and Y, located in separate files, are sharing the source C. Work X, however, only has a placeholder for the source C, retrieving the actual source description from work Y.
Assuming that you already have the source description you want to link to (i.e. work Y in the example above), follow these steps to indicate that source information for work X is to be retrieved from an external file:

Copying source descriptions from another file

Instead of referring to a source description contained in another file, you may want to copy the external source description into the current file. This is convenient if you need to change something in the source description in order to adapt it to the current file.

To copy a source, simply choose "Copy from external source" instead of "Add link to external source" from the source adding menu. This places an independent copy of the external source description in your current file, which can be freely edited.