Working with relations: Creating a music anthology

A distinction should be made between anthologies regarded as one work and anthologies regarded as a collection of individual works. For instance, a song cycle may be regarded as one work or not, depending on the circumstances, the project's aim etc. The decision implies different workflows.

Anthologies regarded as one work are simply works with a number of constituent components, and they are treated just like any other work with a number of movements. The components are defined at the Music tab:

Anthologies of individual works are a little more complicated. They can be created as separate works (files), linked together by work-to-work relations:

work-to-work relations

Remember that relations are bidirectional. In order to create links both ways (from the anthology to the individual works and back), edit each of the contained works to add a relation back to the anthology. You have easy access to the contained works (and back) clicking the "Go to linked resource" icon Go to linked resource.

In the HTML preview, the result could look something like the following:

work-to-work relations