Tools for generating indexes

MerMEId offers tools to help you generating indexes for printed catalogues.

All of the tools described below are located in the 'tools' folder of your eXist database. In order to generate any output they need a query parameter named 'c' added to the URL to specify which file collection to generate an index for (for instance: http://localhost:8080/modules/tools/title_index.xq?c=Demo).

The lists generated are meant as a starting point for an index. Most likely you will need to make manual corrections.

If you want to change the default formatting such as the use of italics, you may want to change the script accordingly.

You may be prompted for eXist database administrator credentials to use these tools.

The indexes generated by these scripts are intended to be copied directly from the browser and pasted into your word processing software for final correction and formatting.


Title index

To generate a simple list of titles, alphabetically ordered, use the title_index.xq script located in the 'tools' folder of your eXist database.

The script generates a list in two sections: First a list of main titles with subtitles and (in parentheses) alternative titles. Below that, it generates a list of alternative titles with main titles in parenthesis. If you want both to appear as a single index of titles, you will need to merge the two lists manually.

title index


Index of names

The script name_index.xq produces a list of all names encoded as <persName> elements within the <sourceDesc> and <workList> elements. This restriction ensures that persons such as the encoder or project manager (usually encoded in <fileDesc>) are not included.

name index


Index of text authors

The index of text authors, text_author_index.xq, is a just subset of the general index of names, only including the <persName> elements having @role='author'. This index is intended to list the authors of vocal text (lyrics) only; it does not include authors of documentary material or literature such as letters, articles and books, which MerMEId defines using the <author> element.


Index of opus numbers

The script opus_index.xq lists the titles of works having an identifier named 'Opus' at the 'Work' tab:
opus number
opus index


Index of performance locations

A list of performance places (cities) is generated by the performance_city_index.xq script.
opus index


Index of item (source) locations

The script location_index.xq generates a list of the locations of items (that is, manuscripts or specific copies of printed sources).
The script tries to resolve RISM sigla; locations not recognizable as RISM sigla are reproduced as written.


List of incipit graphics

For proofreading incipits added as graphics (images), a tool list_incipit_graphics.xq is available to output all graphics including the movement titles and file URLs. The script does not (yet) include incipits to be rendered at runtime.
incipit list