Using the code inspector

The code inspector (or Orbeon XForms Form Inspector) may be a useful tool for experienced users for convenient inspection of the data you are editing. To review your XML data without the code inspector, you will need to save your changes first and open or update the standard XML file view, which is available by clicking the XML view button XML View. The code inspector, however, allows you to watch the changes in your XML data while you edit.

Because it may have a considerable effect on performance, the code inspector is disabled by default. In order to use it, your system administrator may need to modify the configuration file found at /editor/forms/mei/mermeid_configuration.xml. Locate the <code_inspector_main_switch/> element and set it to 'true':

The code inspector is now available at the settings menu, which is opened by clicking the settings icon Settings in the top right corner. Check the "Enable code inspector" option to turn it on:
Activating the code inspector

Close the settings menu. At the bottom of the page, you will find the live XML code view:

Code inspector

Please note that the code inspector is for viewing only; it does not allow editing your data in code view. For more advanced editing than offered by the MerMEId editor in standard mode, you may want to activate the attribute editor.